When I have doubts regarding a sentence I usually google examples with said word and check how many times it is used. And with Japanese… I consult the Denshi Jisho. I have some knowledge about Japanese and English so I can often confirm by myself.

//My point was ‘don’t rely on automatic translation alone because that’s not how languages work’, if you know your way around the Denshi Jisho that’s practicing your Japanese, not copypasting words! :) (and always bless Google as THE resource for us non-native English speakers! Checking all the things all the time, haha)

// achtung achtung achtung

//In today’s episode of pots calling kettles black, or Cabanelas calling Klaviers fops as it were, JP!Cabs purportedly peppers his speech with English words (like his JP trademark ‘lovely’ which is our ‘nothing like it’). …but again, that’s a sign of him being an ass not a sign of him being a native English speaker. (and/or someone who grew up listening to rock music on the radio in a non-English-speaking country)

i will try not to do it sensei -sobs-

//As an alternative, have you tried looking up stuff in some online version of those little manuals with all the pre-made sentences?

I don’t know the first thing about Japanese, but as an Italian native speaker who occasionally dabbles in Assassin’s Creed fandom and German major waist-deep in Ace Attorney fandom, the quality of these foreign language snippets is… that bad.

green-pepsi replied to your post: “//Unbelievably caught up on all current threads! I have 12-14 recent…”:
It happens buddy :3 I don’t know if ours is lost forever, but if not I’d love to get back to it!

//Thank you! And no it isn’t lost forever, thanks for telling me! :) I get shy with the really old threads sometimes…

// excuse you klavier gavin begs to differ

//Klavier Gavin’s façade is as fake as a three-dollar bill with Mount Fuji on it and that’s hopefully part of his rockstar persona :|



This has to be one of the top cute birdy pics.

[Reblogging for reasons and so some people will see it.]

// or at least ask actual foreign language speakers to check if the sentence is correct

//Of course! *Don’t ONLY use automatic translation

//Please avoid automatic translators for foreign languages in your writing. No matter how simple the task, it WILL find a way to get it wrong. If you don’t know enough about the language to check it and edit it, maybe consider marking the different language in other ways.


The lawyer gives a nod and a hum of affirmation. He then turns, curling up further with his partner as they share his bed together. His face finds the crook of Cabanela’s shoulder and rests there as he takes in the scent of a freshly washed boyfriend.

"… Thank you." He mutters, wrapping himself around his partner, "Thank you for coming. I… She… she said she was going to hurt people."

"No, no. That’s in the past. You called, I came, nothing bad happened."

He allows Nick to curl up on his chest and does what any decent big spoon would do, using his body to shield him from all harm and finding a comfortable placement for his lanky arms so that the two of them can rest.

"We’ve made it so far, we can face everything. No biggie!”

And kissing Nick’s forehead, Cabanela commands him to get some sleep. He will soon follow.

//Unbelievably caught up on all current threads! I have 12-14 recent drafts I’d like to get back to, if you’ll still have them u_u I’ll try to get to some of them today as I finish an old drawing!