Take on Me
Artist: A-Ha
Album: Headlines and Deadlines: The Hits of A-Ha
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Take On Me | A-Ha

“I was once troubled by all the many paths that lay before me. So I decided to be admirable at everything.”

Cyrano de Bergerac
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no im clearly just sitting here getting my massive regret on over baskin robins sea world play date sis had planned for me when i was 12
and this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that im a giant idiot that let a cueballed asshole rope me into things thinking i had to play by a set of rules when the sheer reality was that we were all in control the entire freaking time

but lets not get into this because really im not even sure what the heckie this could mean by the end of things or really how royally screwed over the whole ordeal can get
one problem at a time and i want to make sure apple bro wont fall again
she wont and im making damn sure shell see a good day even if it means kicking a unicorn until it farts out a rainbow and wheezes out a fountain of candy


I’ve been known to attract unicorns, give me a caaall if you’re havin’ a hard time findin’ one! We’ll help her, then we’ll help you. One thing at a tiiime!

Artist: Miles Davis
Album: Bag's Groove
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Miles Davis—“Doxy”

Bag’s Groove (Prestige 1957).


"About the same. I wish people’d stop killing each other, you know? But then I’d be outta work. But that I could be a magician or ballroom dancer."


"So I guess that’d be a win-win? But I like being a cop so I don’t even know where I was going with that."

Cabanela smiles, nods and stares, clearly taking his time imagining the big guy in front of him as a professional magician, or ballroom dancer, or both, and finding the mental image pleasant. Tapping a simple rhythm with his heels, he gives a little demonstration of his own.

"You can’t wait for all the scum to reform, you knooow? The sky’s the limit, be a detective and a ballroom dancer! If you ask me, it’s a great combo!”


"I’m… sure they’re not." True to form, Apollo’s already getting an almost stony expression. He’s not particularly weirded out by Cabanela, simply unimpressed. 


"Stardust…? That’s one thing to call it. I can’t see that anything under the sun is all that new, myself. But I’m not here to start any philosophical debates.” 

There’s only seven notes to make music with!

Always the saaame ol’ sixty-four squares on a chessboard! Appreciatin’ the uniqueness of each play is a trained skill, baby, one that’s worth lookin’ into!


[Good lord, was it even possible for this man to be cuter? No, I don’t think so.]

And talk about it we shall. Even if you are a five year old. I’ll hold your hand and make sure that you feel safe, okay? Nothing can hurt you while I’m around. I’m your safety net, remember!


Cabanela visibly flinches - he doesn’t need to be protected to be able to tell that story, it’s his worst, he did the bad things, he can manage those memories and the crushing guilt they carry (and the rest, the rest is forgotten. He doesn’t need to be protected to tell another man’s tale). But he would need a safety net these days. He hasn’t accepted it yet, refuses to acknowledge it, but the truth is that he needs someone who will hold him still and get him to talk. About everything. He is five and it’s been a rough year.

"It sounds lovely."


"Tea and holdin’ hands. I could talk all day."


id rather not talk about it period

but i have a feeling i wont have a choice after a while
i guess i deserve it but thats not important now

i know that now
i thought this whole time everyone was being a bag of dildos and skirting past her problems but i get the feeling that was never the case
and hell im just as bad as everyone else involved but its not like theres anything new there
well make it up to her and show her how important she is to all of us

I don’t know what it is, baby. Or rather, I’ll pretend I’m not thinkin’ about deals and cueballs until either you feel like talkin’ about it or it becomes urgent.

But whateeever this maaay be about, remember, kid, you don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve any of this. You guess that? It’s a wrong guess, end story.

And Seluna doesn’t deserve this either. But she has us and we’ll see her through!

Little Lion Man
Artist: Mumford & Sons
Album: Sigh No More
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little lion man // mumford & sons

but it was not your fault but mine
and it was your heart on the line
i really fucked it up this time
didn’t i, my dear?
didn’t i, my …