[Swans in.]

Graciously leads as if in a tango


Oh, you got confused! I was talking about the cat in the cartoon who got bullied by some kids.

But yes if someone bullied Kamila you can be sure I’d trash them good.

[Oh. Well. I’ll have to watch the damn thing sooner or later.]

Good kitty! I’m cooountin’ on you!


and people still dont understand your brand of humor


really most of the fun comes from creating different responses to catch people off guard imo
like before today the last time i was asked why i didnt want kids i simply told them i couldnt reproduce
when asked why i told them im genetically engineered experiment then i paused
looked around and whispered ‘theyll be coming for me for admitting the truth’
and i swear the look of horror on their face was priceless

Thaaat’s a good one!

It’s all good, these exchanges keep the creative juices flowin’!

[Can’t pull the alien card myself, I’ve got more than enough people callin’ me that as is…]


Michael Bublé - Save The Last Dance For Me


She already thought about it.


She put a moon sticker on my forehead and said I was gonna be her Luna. I felt like her when those brats put bandaids on her forehead.

You’re cute when you pout, baby!

What brats did what to the kiiid? Did you trash ‘em?

//Thank you!!!


nooothinglikeme replied to your post:
Heeey baby!

I had an argument with Kamila because she wanted to watch Sailor Moon and wouldn’t let me possess the laptop, can you believe?

I can’t beliiieve everybody is watchin’ that cartoon but me! Doesn’t the lead have a magical kitten? You can be Kamila’s!

//Much sneaky, very anon X3 Thanks a bunch! Well-developed means a lot to me. :)

anonymously tell me what you think of my character portrayal.



Nick just laughs, and leans against his favorite detective.

"Fiiine, you can help me out. I might have to add you onto the roster of the Anything Agency if you’re not too careful."

"Honorary member! Deeeal?"