"A little." The shorter man replies. Just being with Cabanela after being apart for so long was such a welcomed thing. He could smell the hints of cologne that wafted up from his lover’s body. Really, he could spend all night just standing in the doorway sniffing his boyfriend but that would be weird.

Instead the lawyer just makes his way inside and closes the door behind them. He studies the apartment a bit further, noticing just how off everything felt.

"What’s cookin’ good lookin’?" He offers, deciding it would be better to focus on what was important instead of what was dragging everyone’s soul through the floor, "I don’t believe I’ve had your cooking before."

Cabanela has always liked how open Nick is about appreciating his body, by the way. It’s evident in so many little gestures, he finds it sweet and honest and going back to this affection after a month of work hell is nice. It almost feels normal.

"That’s because I don’t!", he explains. "Not for other people, when I can treat ‘em to food a chef whipped up!" Which is mostly true. There is also the fact that he was uncomfortable around knives and cooked meat for months before he started to force himself to get reaccustomed to it all.

"But since you oooffered, you get to be among the few lucky souls who got to try Cabanela’s Caramelized Carbonara!"


*paints a skateboard* radical

Too many people lately who treat their character’s mental illness or disorder as some cheap plotpoint to make them ‘more interesting’ or to garner attention and sympathy for them and sadly, it’s inevitable that the chosen illness or disorder is severely misrepresented in cases.

Please guys, do your research before you try to write things like schizophrenia, PTSD or ‘psychopathy’ (For those who actually HAVE done research, you’ll know WHY that is in quotation marks). It’s not what Hollywood makes it out to be and it’s certainly not a quirky little thing to add to your character to make them seem edgy.


Route 8 - I Can’t (2014)



dude ive been under fire long before booger mansion

every conversation i have is monitored so its not like im risking things by sending you a program here
and i cant even call it a risk if im gonna be at a huge disadvantage by the end but it doesnt mean im out
so dont worry about endangering me when this could give you an edge

you already have a good advantage if they already think youre down and out now
but… look maybe im not 100% on this because of what happened to me and honestly i trust you to pull out of this your own way unlike the giant clusterfuck i landed myself in but like….
dont underestimate that spider
dragging them out isnt even the hard part
its cautiously weaving your way around the traps that will
and i have a feeling its a lot more than you suspect
so… ease yourself into it and make sure you have more than 1 backup plan at the ready

"I trust you to know what’s up in your corner of the multiverse, baby. Be careful, strike haaard, you know the deal! I’ll take care of mine! My backup plans have backup plans, don’t you worry about me!"

(His smile spells out ‘I just never expected to be scraping the bottom of the backup plans barrel’. But you know. Recoil, reassess, take a deep breath, get ready for a rematch. Nothing like it…)


Nick winces ever so slightly, taking in the mood that has enveloped his partner. It was such an awful thing, and he missed the go gettem attitude that the man always carried on him. Don’t focus on it. Don’t dwell on the absence. Just focus on being here.

In an attempt to drive the bad mood away, he says a quiet hello and leans forward to place a kiss upon his lovers lips. Kiss all the bad vibes away, as they have done before. Nick is just thankful that this time the bad news has nothing to do with death of a loved one.

Kisses help. Kisses help a lot. As the months go by and Cabanela feels more and more in love with his partner, his trust in him builds as well. He can abandon himself in those kisses for a small while and just be safe.

Besides, prolonged make-out sessions on the doorstep are kind of a staple for the two of them: i would take a veritable tragedy for them to hurry inside instead. And Cabanela has cried and shouted and ruined his knuckles punching the wall in the past hours, but he isn’t willing to concede that this specific tragedy has gotten the best of him yet. He can still fight, he thinks. He’ll spring back into action, somehow.

"You hungry, baby?", he eventually whispers over Nick’s shoulder.


Silly as it is, he imagines this Sarcasm Coat the detective is going on about. Spotless, white, just like the one Cabanela’s currently wearing, but with the word sarcasm on the back in vivid red lettering. But what does it mean? What is sarcasm? These are questions he doesn’t have answers for and, from the way the man before him dances around his queries, he doubts further questioning on that front will yield anything at all of use.


Then something of interest catches his attention, incenses him.“But I thought dead was dead. How do you “get better”?” He thinks of all of the people he’s met today who have shared that same core, the same spark, the same essence of the dead. “Do you mean to say that there are others out there like me who can avert people’s fates? Were you one of them?”

The pieces slowly start to come together.

Almost accurate - the letters are embossed in white on spotless white, so people often don’t see them and mistake it for his usual coat. Sometimes he wonders if he should increase the sarcasm or cut it out entirely - either way, people would probably be less confused.

"I’m sure there’s plenty, ‘out there’ is a biiig ol’ silly place!"

Oh dear, he’s like a confused kitten. That’s adorable.

"But te one who helped me out is a Sissel just like you! You’ve met some doubles already, haven’t you, baby? Sure you haaave…"

“I’m gonna bring you home, like a real hero.”

– »Final Fantasy XIII
SNOW VILLIERS (via prinzpinske)
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//don’t always trust what’s on Google, who’s to say they wouldn’t charge :|

//Google, don’t try to make whitecoatcest happen, it’s not gonna happen.