Rescue unicorn is here to save the day!

I came up with this idea the other day when someone I follow on tumblr was having a rough time and I thought this would be cheerful concept. It gave me the giggles so much I had to draw it. 







Would you look at thaaat!

A frowny face!



The lawyer clings to his partner as if he was waking from a nightmare. He holds him close, shuddering with a great deal of force. His teeth are even clacking together somewhat. He closes his eyes, his breaths ragged as a cold sweat forms on his brow.

It looks like Nick has just woken up from a nightmare and Cabanela treats him accordingly, with constant, gentle contact to remind him that he is awake and safe (though the tickle from his current 3-day beard may feel surreal, it’s just not Cabs without his fastidious shaving).

"I’m here, love." He does his best to keep him close and warm. The shuddering is one thing, but what’s with all the blankets? Are they against the nightmares? "Fancy a snack? …a hot water bottle?"




Can’t speak for Triple O man, buuuut I sure as heeeell don’t try.


'coz I already am baby! Nothin' like it! And I'm sure you can be too.


As a wise old man once said, do or do nooot, there is no try! Well put, my man!


BWAHA! you both think youre hip

We think, therefore we are, baby


No matter how many layers Nick puts on, he feels cold.


He’s shivering in the sheets of his bed, curling up with as much things as possible. Something feels wrong in the pit of his stomach, and as much as he wants to get up and curl over the toilet he fears leaving his bed.

The man curls up on his side, taking in shaking breaths as his body shudders with a horrible frigid air. He closes his eyes, trying to push out the sound of static that rings in the back of his head. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t right.

Something was wrong and he didn’t know what to do.

Unfocused and demotivated, Cabanela has spent his days between compulsive cleaning of Nick’s flat, intense staring at his phone and compulsive napping. Phoenix catches his eye as he is dragging himself to the kitchen to make himself some food - his growling stomach can wait when the boyfriend is all bundled up like he’s in the middle of winter. Cabanela doesn’t know what’s wrong, but he can hop on Nick’s bed and wrap himself around him.


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