if you have the time id like to meet with you tonight preferably at around 8

though im a bit flexible with my schedule this week so tomorrow in the afternoon around 3pm could work too

do you have any preferences for a place

I’ve got a bike and a free afternoooon, you tell me and I’ll be there!



✰”Hey!!” [this was kinda new! He hasn’t had too many people to talk to, lately. He just kinda people watches, so this is the first time someone’s actually talked to HIM!]

✰ “How’s it going? I didn’t think you could talk to me!”

"Didn’t you know, baby? Detectives are speeecial!"

"So what’s a pretty ghost like you doin’ around here?"

transientgallant replied to your post: “do you have a moment”:
fair enough though id like to talk to you privately. preferably face to face though if you not… well i wont complain

Why shouldn’t I!

Date and time, baby!

do you have a moment

Do I look like a busy man

Frank Zappa - Occam’s Razor




"No way…" This was serious, far more so than he would’ve expected it to be… but Cabanela’s behavior was to blame for that one. Who would expect a guy he caught casually sunbathing to have come here talking about corruption on the force and huge cover-ups? That wasn’t exactly a James Bond sort of thing to do.

Then Yomiel lets go of his hand, and… leaves. He disappears down the hall without saying a single word, and for that moment, Apollo’s spirits sank faster than a lead balloon. He was absolutely certain the attempt had failed, and Yomiel wanted nothing more to do with whatever Cabanela was proposing… but it’s before he could say as much that Yomiel came back, with a notebook, even stepping into the room like he really was interested. 

Apollo releases the breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding, moving forward now himself, to flop down onto their comfortably large couch. “Doing it on the side is still risky,” he points out, not understanding the full implication there. “Being there at all puts you in a dangerous position… but you know that already, don’t you?” 

"Freelance…" he repeats, looking up at Cabanela with a careful squint after jotting something else down. “You’re investigating against your own department? Nobody else put you up to this? You’re gonna lose your job if you fuck up.”

Red pauses, watching Apollo take a seat but not really digging the thought of doing that himself. It’s an old instinct that warns him that he’ll be too cornered and appear too lax, a subconscious thought that doesn’t exactly have much to do with how comfortable or not he is with the proposition in play. A defensive instinct.

"I’m gonna need ya to get specific with me though. What do you need exactly from the Chief’s computer?"

Following Apollo’s lead, Cabanela grabs a chair and, repositioning it with a twirl, swings his leg over its back and sits on it (for lack of a better verb).

"Guuuys, that’s so last summer!” The light-hearted statement is followed by a notably fake laugh - sore spot, that. “His deputy put me in charge of an internal investigation, in June! ‘Dangerous position’, been there, done that in July. Held out for the first half of August… been tryin’ to bag him from home ever since.” He tries his hardest not to look ashamed at any point. He’s fought a fierce battle against adverse odds and hasn’t technically given up yet, that’s got to amount for something.

"I need whatever’s in there to go from there to Jowd’s desk, of course."


"You’re right, and I’ll find it if my name isn’t Phoenix Wright!" There’s the spirit! This man was definitely a danger to the sad people in the world; no one could resist this level of cheer, even if it’s cheesy. 


Though he was curious about something, “Actually… this other Phoenix you know… is he also an attorney?” This is clearly the most important thing to confirm.

"Just gotten his badge back."

Cabanela smiles and mimics someone with a badge shoved up their face, as proof that he is all too familiar with the Wright badge-presentig technique.

"It’s been an honour to be there as he decided to fight back and all the waaay to the end of that road! Though Miles Edgeworth was the biggest help." (Name-dropping to check for reactions, as you do)


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✰”Woah that’s a lot of you…! Hey?”

(MAN I really hope all these people aren’t dead…)

This one isn’t dead, but he has a core and a vibrant Temsik radiation right under it. Having never seen a Clay Terran in his life, he waves energetically at the apparition. A new face! How lovely!

"Yoo hoo! Hellooo!"


nooothinglikeme replied to your post:nooothinglikeme replied to your post:Another day…

Not fiiine, then… Come over when you wanna chill, okay?

"…Thanks, Cabanela." It would be highly appreciated to have a safe space to relax before going home.

That’s what friends and colleagues are for! ANYtime, you hear me?


how could i not have known that i was a bird all this time

Birds of a feather, baby!